The company NOVOTA ART, s.r.o., as the main partner, will be responsible for the production of prototype furniture, interior, and exterior accessories for people with disabilities and self-living persons. The company will be the main leader of the project and will ensure the overall research management of the project. The activity will include the creation of 3D designs of intelligent furniture, simulations of physical, mechanical, motion, and electronic functions of furniture parts, the creation of construction plans and materials for production.

Subsequently, 3D models and construction plans will be converted into a CAD/CAM program, parts will be prepared and programmed for 5-axis CNC machining in Maestro and Alphacam software. Based on the team's research activities, a smart furniture design will be created. An artistic and aesthetic harmonization of all elements will be made concerning their functionality and use. Hand-modeled forms of individual pieces of furniture and hand-created art matrices of surface patterns applicable to molds and surfaces of biocomposite materials will be prepared. The activity will also include the design of carpentry constructions of furniture, joining and tapping, and scheduling of material design of individual parts of furniture. As part of the material research, the application of biocomposite materials and the technological solution of their surface treatment will be tested. In the laboratory conditions, usability testing/tests of strength, abrasion, resistance, surface treatment options / for furniture parts of biocomposites, and alternative biodegradable materials will take place. The activity will also include the design of mechanical and mechatronic parts of furniture, proposals for the implementation of robotic parts and medical devices with regard to incorporation into furniture construction in tune with the overall visual execution and design, with regard to functionality, durability, and safety.

Duration: 05/2022 – 06/2023

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