Control software (Control Unit and Artificial Intelligence), robotic mechanisms, programming of the medical center, and medical devices integrated into the furniture will be developed in this activity. The activity will include the creation of control software (Artificial Intelligence) for individual pieces of smart furniture, which will be integrated into the program unit with the connection of medical meters and mechatronics and controlled via a display with a speech module.

A teleprocessing connection with the medical center will be developed. Subsequently, a user interface using the Internet will be programmed to mediate additional services (ordering medicines, food, cleaning, internet exercises, and entertainment). At least, the design and development of a prototype of a comprehensive furniture management program will be implemented. The activity will also include the development of robotic mechanisms integrated into furniture pieces depending on the concept, design, and 3D models. The development will take place from conceptual engineering through the program and visual simulation to the prototype production phase.

As part of the activity, mechanical and servo-motorized moving parts of the furniture will also be developed, a control unit will be created and integrated, and the connection to other electronic parts of the furniture will be resolved. Functionality, load, and smoothness tests will be performed. In the next step, the sensors and room sensors will be connected and integrated into the developed control application - software. After the installation of the devices in the furniture and their interconnection and operation, solutions for electronically charging and docking stations for individual pieces and their connection to the electrical network will be sought.

The development of parts of furniture intended for the representation of medical measuring devices of vital functions and early diagnostics will take place together with the above-mentioned research activities. It will include the implementation, modification, and application of scanning devices based on sound resonance and other non-contact methods of measuring and scanning of body functions, their validation, and adjustment for home use and integration into furniture. Solutions for the implementation of medical development technology into individual pieces of furniture and their validation and adjustment for home use will be actively sought. In parallel, it will collaborate on the development of a software user interface for telemedicine (connecting the patient and the doctor, connecting intelligent furniture with built-in measuring devices and an intelligent control unit, etc.).

Duration: 05/2022 – 04/2023

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