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NOVOTA ART uses the most modern technologies, works with 5-axis machining centers to produce some of the most complicated furniture parts and assemblies. The ACCORD 50 FX-M machining center excels in precise work as well as providing the highest quality surface treatment.

We present our partners in the Smart Furniture project

Smart furniture industrial research and functional elements to help disabled and elderly people in their homes.


The NOVOTA ART company currently employs several specialists in the fields of design, 3D modeling, mechanical constructions, software development, robotics and digital machining of materials such as CNC and 3D printing.
The company maintains and constantly develops expertise and craftsmanship in the creative processing of complex sculptural shapes, ergonomics and design.

NOVOTA ART cooperates with internationally recognized 3D designers working in the field of development tools for elderly and immobile people.

Since the beginning of this project, we have met with great interest also from members of the younger generation, who often bring fresh and energetic ideas. We also cooperate with related departments of the University of Fine Arts.


The company operates mainly in Norway and has undergone many changes and developments in its history, including but not limited to the name change from Jkg Mur AS.

Their resume includes a number of specialized projects in the field of construction, architectural works and renovations of interior and exterior parts of buildings.

Currently, the company focuses on homes for seniors, where it does construction and restoration work both in the interior and exterior of buildings.

Currently doing specialized masonry and architectural work at a Home for the elderly in Åseral, a Norwegian inland municipality northeast of Kristiansand.


A budgetary organization that is connected to the budget of the Košice self-governing region with its income and expenses.

The mission of the facility is the provision of social services in accordance with the Act on Social Services within the social policy of the KSK.

The vision of the facility is to provide quality social services in a barrier-free facility according to the individual needs and requirements of recipients of social services, respecting their uniqueness and respecting human rights and fundamental freedoms. To create a safe environment for recipients of social services, as close as possible to the home environment in which they spend their daily lives.

The facility's strategic goal for 2019-2021 is to improve the facility's readiness to provide better quality social services in line with DEI trends, taking into account the growing number of social service recipients with psychiatric diagnoses and the increasing number of elderly people.

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