Milestone no. 1, Research Evaluation Report, has been reached. This milestone is the result of implementing Activity no. 1 Field Research and Scientific Search. We have defined the barriers that need to be overcome for users, the difficulty of movement, and fine motor skills in space has been scaled.

The primary physical needs of the immobile and the elderly in independent living has been set. The space requirements and modifications of pieces of furniture in order to complement and streamline the solutions of the architectural space of the users' homes has been defined. The necessary pressure and lifting capabilities of the robotic arms, moving and kinetic parts of the furniture has been adjusted and defined in order to achieve a synergistic effect with the needs of the users and their movement abilities.

The output of the milestone is EVALUATION REPORT FROM A SCIENTIFIC FIELD SURVEY. In this document we have also described the scientific progress for currently evolving medical devices and technologies for measuring vital functions, scanning and improving life, as well as early diagnosis and prevention of collapse for the elderly and sick, or self-living persons with disabilities.

Here you can see samples from the publication

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