From May 9 to 12, NOVOTA ART, s.r.o. at Bratislavská 4, Trnava held a 4-day training for three employees of NOVOTA ART, s.r.o. focused on two phases of computer preparation for CNC machining. They are under the supervision of a trainer mediated by the company CUTY s.r.o. focused on two phases of computer training for CNC machining.

Participants were trained in advanced CAD modeling techniques (solid objects, complex organic shapes) and advanced CNC path programming techniques, machining strategies and post-processing and their application to the SCM Accord 50-FXM machine. Thanks to the intensive four-day training, the staff of NOVOTA ART, s.r.o. acquired new competencies, thanks to which it will not only make its production processes more efficient, but also increase the quality of its outputs.

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