The Development of Smart Furniture with Artificial Intelligence and Medical Devices benefits from a € 1 594 749 grant from Norway through the Norway Grants. The project has been co-financed from the State Budget of the Slovak Republic in the amount of 281 426 €.

The aim of the project is to develope smart furniture with artificial intelligence and medical devices for seniors and disabled people. If you want to know more about programmes and projects financed by the Norway Grants in Slovakia, visit

The overall objective of the proposed project is the development of smart furniture with artificial intelligence and medical devices. The project is focused on industrial research in the field of specialized intelligent furniture, movable interior and exterior units with an integrated robotic mechanism, controlled by computer software and artificial intelligence connected to a medical center.

The target group of the project are seniors in retirement homes or selfliving people who need assistant care. Another target group is people with diagnoses who require continuous care, such as patients with specific neuro diagnoses, immobile patients, and patients with specific needs.The aim of the project is to provide these clients with the possibility of independent living as much as possible, where intelligent furniture with artificial intelligence will replace the nursing staff. They will be assisted by artificial intelligence with an interconnected medical center. In the current trend of increasing shortage of nursing staff, the proposed solution is a societal challenge and a current need.

The applicant NOVOTA ART, s.r.o. will be the leader of research activities. Two partners will cooperate on the project activities. The VIA LUX facility - Home of Social Services and Facilities for the Elderly will cooperate in the field of medical devices implementation and lead the field research. JaHo Mur og Fasade AS from Norway will take part in fied research and final testing in real environment. The proposed project is divided in 5 main activities and 1 supporting activity.

First main activity is the project management and other 4 main activities are activities related to industrial research. The project begins in technology readiness level 2 - technology concept formulated and will reach technology readiness level 9 - actual system proven in operational environment. Supporting activity is the project publicity. Outoupts of the project are 7 fully functional and working products of intelligent furniture, 3 fully functional prototypes of robotic arms, 1 developed artificial intelligence with connection to medical center,1 trade mark registration and 1 active project website. Total project costs are 2,426,974.92 EUR and required grant amount is 1,874,679.71 EUR.

The project started 5/2022 and will finish 4/2024.

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